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5 Signs You Need Auto Body Painting Services

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January 4, 2018

Lots of car owners go years without considering a new paint job for their car. Some owners find themselves needing to get their car repainted just a few months after driving off the lot. There’s no telling when you’re going to need an auto body painting service for your car.

Your car could be asking for a new paint job without you realizing. Your paint job doesn’t just keep your car looking good. It has an effect on how long your car will last.

While you may think that you can let your car go without a paint job for a number of years, you could be watching your car deteriorate without a retouch. If you get any kinds of repairs or have any issues with the exterior of your car, you could be up for a retouch.

Look for these 5 signs that you look for auto body painting services.

1. Accidents

Having any kind of accident can be a perfectly good reason to examine the exterior of your car. Any sort of ding or scratch from a minor bump to a full-on collision could open your car up to serious issues.

While it may drive just fine, an exterior with paint chipping or bubbling off could open your body up to rust.

A major freeway wreck will ruin your car so irreparably that you might need to replace whole parts of the body. But one that left your car’s body intact might with just a few scratches and dings might be more trouble than you notice at first.

If you want to get your car looking like new, have an auto body painting specialist look at your car. Waiting could result in an exterior that chips, cracks, and leaves your whole exterior up for massive deterioration.

2. Paint Is Fading

If your paint job is noticeably fading, it means its beginning to wear. This is probably the number one reason people talk to an auto body painting expert.

There are lots of that your paint job might not look as new as it used to. If you’ve left your car out in the sun, it could lead to fading. If you’re considering buying a new car, you might want to find a place to store it.

The same issue can happen if you leave your car out in the snow. The temperature could adverse effects on your car’s exterior.

If you fail to wash your car enough, dirt and grime could leave an uneven film that leads to damage to your paint job. Additionally, if you don’t wax your car enough, you could find your car needs to be repainted sooner than if you do more upkeep.

Your paint can even just fade over time. If your car still drives like a dream but is missing the shine that it had when you bought it, consider talking to an auto body painting service.

3. The Clear Coat Is Peeling Back

Your first line of defense against your paint starting to chip off is your clear coat. Once you lose that, your car is vulnerable to the elements and anything else that life throws at it.

If you think you’re seeing paint peeling from your car, it’s probably just the clear coat separating from the base coat. But once that clear coat is gone, the base coat could lift from the body and expose your car to all kinds of damage.

Bubbles and discolored areas on the body of your car are one of the first signs of clear coat failure.

Bring it to a pro and see what they recommend. Your auto body painting service will likely call you with some options on how to keep your car looking fresh and new.

4. Deep Scratches

If you get sideswiped on the highway, scratched up in a parking lot, or ended up having someone key your car, your paint job is going to need to be treated. Have a pro take a look at any scratches and see what they recommend. An auto body professional will take you through their process and talk through the options.

Some scratches can be buffed out. Some can be buffed out in a DIY manner. Others need a little more work.

If you end up needing to repaint your car, an auto body painting professional can help figure out what you need.

Always drive carefully, whether in your grocery store parking lot or pulling into your garage. When backing out of a tight space, always check behind you. And double check those mirrors when you’re merging into another lane.

5. Rust Issues

If you live in a colder climate, you know there are lots of things that can attack your car through the winter.

If your car survived a tough winter, you’ve still got some work to do. Always be sure you get the underside of your car wiped of any salt that can eat away at your car. Once winter’s over, you might have some scratches or rust that’s accrued.

That can lead to quick deterioration and worse, holes. Have your paint job examined if this is the case.

If winter is coming, have your paint job added to your overall winterization to-do list. Any problems with the exterior could lead to rust which will quickly be accelerated by salt and low-temperature damage.

Living in a humid climate comes with its own set of issues. Humidity can lead to paint bubbling. This will lead to exposed body parts and end up leading to rust.

Rust will bring a whole lot more headaches than having your car repainted.

Auto Body Painting Brings Lots Of Benefits

Along with the overall health and longevity of your car, a car with a fresh and shiny paint job will make you confident in your car, no matter the age.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should get your car repainted, contact us to see what can be done to get your car’s body looking fresh again.

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