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John Harris Body Shop exterior sign

John Harris Body Shop Opens New Summerville Location

What was previously a Meineke and Maaco auto shops, is now the home of our new John Harris Body Shop location in Summerville, South Carolina!

The New Shop

We did a complete overhaul of the exterior and interior office area! Removed was a wall that separated both business to open up the shop floor production area to allow better production flow. New lighting was added to brighten the areas where repairs are being done, and we painted the interior of the shop similar to what you would see at a manufacturing facility like Boeing.

We added a double Prep Booth and Car-O-Liner Frame & Measuring equipment. A pull system was added into the existing paint booth to allow us to increase our efficiency, and to maintain our quality and utilize the existing equipment. The reassembly area is visible from out lobby. This allows the customer to see the vehicle as it comes out of the paint shop and into the build area to complete the process.

Come See Us

If you haven’t seen what our team of professionals can do, take a look at our services here. When you’re ready to make an appointment, give us a call at 843.970.7070 or visit us at 103 Old Trolley Rd in Summerville, SC 29485!

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John Harris Body Shop exterior sign

We Have Arrived, North Charleston!

What used to be a shipping warehouse and lighting gallery is now something completely different. It’s our newest John Harris Body Shop in North Charleston, South Carolina!

What’s New?

We replaced all the lighting inside of the shop and painted the interior of the shop similar to what you would see at a manufacturing facility (Boeing). Our facility has a brand new, state of the art paint booth, a double prep booth, Car-O-Liner frame and measuring equipment, and Hunter alignment and tire equipment.

Uniquely, we were able to convert the lightning gallery into a QC/delivery area. This allows the vehicle to be inspected and delivered inside – almost like a new car showroom experience! From inside this area you can look out of the garage door and into the production shop as vehicles are being repaired through the process.

Click here to learn more about our services and process!

For You To See

Take a look at our facility!


The family and staff of John Harris Body Shop are excited about the opening of our North Charleston location! We have been humbled with the overwhelming outreach from customers, insurance partners, and potential team members. We look forward to continuing to grow and serve our customers in the Charleston area in the years to come.

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John Harris Body Shop exterior sign

Are Your Headlights in Good Shape?

Surely you’ve noticed that our days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer. If not all, many of us are driving more in the dark/at dawn. Whether it’s to and from work or to the store, it’s virtually unavoidable. This is why it’s crucial that your headlights are dirt and grime free! Having them cleaned is critical to safe driving.

headlight cleaning

The Best Way to Get Headlights Clean

There are several DIY ways to clean them, but that can lead to possible scratches. Cleaning your headlights will not only allow you see the road more clearly, but it will also prolong the life of your vehicle’s exterior lighting system! You may want to have the alignment of your headlights checked as well. You certainly want them pointing in the right direction.

Therefore, all of us at John Harris Body Shop suggest you come see us to make sure you can see everything on the road during your drive. You can find out which John Harris Body Shop is closest to you here or just give us a call!


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windshield replacement augusta ga

Finding Reliable Windshield Replacement in Augusta, GA

Damaged windshields are no stranger to drivers and insurance companies alike. In fact, windshield damage is the top insurance claim in the U.S.

No matter how meticulous of a driver you are, sometimes windshield damage just happens. Pebbles can be kicked up by a passing car. A dump truck on the high way can lose some of its rock load.

If your windshield is seriously damaged, you may need windshield replacement Augusta GA.

Keep reading to learn about windshield damage and when you need to replace versus repair.

Windshield Damage Factors

Not all windshield chips are equal. The shape and size of the chip determines if the problem is repairable. If repair isn’t an option a full replacement is a must.

Another factor is the location of the chip. If the damage goes beyond the outer edge of the windshield, replacement is often required. Replacement is also required if:

  • The chip is located in the driver’s primary line of sight
  • The chip/crack spans the entire length of the windshield

Now that you know damage factors, let’s talk about the types of damage.

Types of Windshield Damage

Windshield damage comes in two forms: a chip or a crack.

A chip occurs when a piece of the windshield is missing. Chips are usually small.

A crack is a line that runs across the windshield.

There are six types of windshield damage. Each type has repair standards that you’ll want to know.

1. Crack

A crack is a single line across the windshield. Most cracks have an impact point.

Cracks can be fixed if they don’t impact the driver’s field of sight. Cracks less than 14 inches can also be repaired.

2. Surface Pit

A surface pit is a chip in the glass that doesn’t penetrate into the plastic interlayer. Surface pits can be repaired if the diameter is bigger than 1/8 inch.

Smaller surface pits don’t require repair.

3. Star Break

A star break looks like a star. There is an impact point that has many legs stemming from it. This can be fixed if the break isn’t longer than three inches.

4. Bullseye

This damage looks exactly as you would expect. There is a dark circle where the impact happened. Surrounding the circle is a cone-shaped outer layer.

A bullseye can be fixed if the:

  • Damage isn’t in the driver’s line of sight
  • Impact point doesn’t contain dirt or debris
  • Diameter is less than an inch

5. Half Moon

A half moon is a partial bullseye. This damage can be fixed if the diameter is less than an inch.

6. Combination

Damage with many characteristics is known as a combination. The type of damage can be fixed if the diameter isn’t bigger than two inches.

If there is severe damage to your windshield, you’ll need professional help. Read on for tips for locating windshield replacement Augusta GA.

How to Find Windshield Replacement Augusta GA

The cost of replacing a windshield can range from $185-$1,000. You want to ensure your money is well spent, right?

When searching for windshield replacement Augusta GA, you want to find the highest quality company. Here are 5 tips for finding a dependable auto glass company.

1. Reputation Matters

The company you choose for windshield replacement Augusta GA needs to be reputable. Don’t put your car and your life at risk by settling for a sub-par company.

Before selecting a company, do some research! Determine how long the company has been in business. Companies with a history are more likely to be reputable.

Take the time to do some research. Use the internet to find information about the company including:

  • An overview and history
  • Testimonials from past clients
  • Information about repair processes

2. Ensure Use of Quality Glass

Some auto glass companies manufacture their own glass. However, the best quality glass that can be used is dealer glass. This glass must meet quality standards before it can be used.

Dealer glass is also free of distortions. Distorted windshield glass makes driving dangerous!

Don’t let your money go to waste with a low-quality windshield replacement.

When choosing a company for windshield replacement Augusta GA, ensure dealer glass is the only option.

3. Determine Drive Away Time

After a windshield is replaced, it needs to cure. Driving the car before the windshield is cured can be dangerous.

In fact, an uncured windshield is more likely to break in the event of an accident.

Usually the safe drive away time is three hours. But, some companies can minimize the time to just an hour.

Ensure the company offers a reasonable time.

4. Ask About Certifications

A certified company is more likely to follow industry standards and best practices. When searching for windshield replacement Augusta GA, a certified company gives you peace of mind.

Before making a decision, be sure the company is certified by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS). ARGRSS addresses education, procedures, and product performance.

A certified company follows all standards for auto glass replacement. You can also depend on the company to use the latest and greatest glass replacement procedures.

Other certifications include:

  • Auto Glass Safety Council
  • National Windshield Repair Association
  • Auto Glass Technician

5. Service Guarantee

A quality auto repair company will stand by its work.

High quality work should be backed with a lifetime guarantee. With a guarantee, you can drive safely knowing that your windshield was replaced with top notch materials.

In the event that the windshield replacement doesn’t hold, you want to be protected.

Dependable Windshield Repair and Replacement

Looking for windshield replacement Augusta GA? If so, your search is over! John Harris Body Shops are your go-to car damage services.

We have years in car repair as well as customer service. You can count on us to provide you top notch service.

From dents to a cracked windshield, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to restore all vehicles to manufacturer’s specifications.

Don’t suffer with a damaged windshield any longer! Contact our shop today to schedule an appointment.

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John Harris Body Shop exterior sign

Congratulations, South Lake! You’re Honda Certified!

jhbs south lake congrats

John Harris Body Shop at South Lake

John Harris Body Shop has GREAT news to share! For those of you who are in Lexington close to our South Lake location, our body shop is now Honda certified!

Honda builds some of the safest and most reliable vehicles available. Our trained technicians will use genuine parts to restore your vehicle to the way it functioned before bringing it into our shop. Working with a Honda certified shop like John Harris Body Shop at South Lake will also maintain your manufacturer warranties. So, when you go to trade in or sell your vehicle, you’ll get the best value possible.

About John Harris Body Shop

We have been veteran and family-owned since 1975, and price-match aftermarket and used parts for OEM, when possible. We offer limited lifetime warranty on repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. Our body shops have lower in-stock inventory, which means faster repairs for you (30-40% faster than our competition).

Follow us on Facebook for tips, before and afters, and more news about John Harris Body Shop at South Lake!

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Auto Body Shop

6 Tips for Finding the Best Auto Body Shop for You

Getting hit by another vehicle can be the most frightening thing you go through.

When this happens and you breathe a sigh of relief realizing that you’re not injured, your immediate train of thought needs to focus on getting your vehicle fixed.

Choosing a top notch auto body shop will help you do this. This article teaches you the importance of finding a shop, in addition to some guidelines that’ll match you up with the right pros.

So take heed to the six tips below, in order to get your car back in order and to reap the benefits of their craftsmanship and experience.

6 Tips For Finding An Auto Body Shop

You have access to plenty of credible body shops no matter where you live. The six keys below are major when it comes to choosing wisely.

Tip #1: Be Aware of Their Location and Specialty

Location is everything when it comes to finding a great auto body shop.

Find a shop in close proximity to you lets you easily follow up in person. The shop’s geographical location also plays a role in your overhead costs.

In general, the cost of replacement parts won’t vary as much as labor costs. If you’re trying to save some money, steer clear of busy, big-box auto body shops in populated areas.

Try to snag a rental car in the interim. A rental lets you get around to and from work without issue.

If securing a rental is not a possibility, choosing a shop located close to work and home will save you a good deal of hassle.

Tip #2: Don’t Settle For One Price Quote

Many auto owners spend way too much money on bodywork because they didn’t shop around nearly enough.

Make sure to get no less than five different cost estimates.

Getting an estimate requires a shop to thoroughly inspect your car and prioritize both cosmetic and functionality.

For instance, you may need a realignment and bumper replacement for the car to drive properly, while fixing scratches and repainting could wait a bit. Either way, get total itemized estimates, in order to see how much the auto body work will cost you.

Be sure that the shop is technically skilled so that they can readjust airbag sensors and warning systems, in addition to replacing the parts.

The price you pay for this auto body work depends on the severity of the damage, the geographical location of the shop and the parts that you decide to use.

Tip #3: Contact Your Automobile Insurance Provider

Using your automobile insurance can be the difference between paying tremendous costs and getting a discount. For this reason, your first phone call after an accident should be to your insurance provider.

It’s important to know what coverage you’re entitled to under your auto insurance. You’ll need comprehensive or collision coverage to offset your auto body repairs.

Your auto insurance company will refer you to the closest affiliated auto body shop in your area. These shops have partnerships with your insurance company, so this streamlines the process of getting repairs.

While your insurance company will be helpful, don’t limit your search to their recommendations. Many auto body shops are willing to accept your insurance plan, so do your homework until you find the best fit.

Tip #4: Find A Shop That Focuses On The Finishing Touches

Cosmetic details separate the subpar autobody shop from the cream of the crop.

Take a few meetings with shops in your area to get photos and videos of their prior auto body work. Pay close attention to details that make the vehicle look completely new.

In many cases, these details boil down to the shop’s access to high-quality OEM parts.

Access to the highest quality paint also makes a huge difference. Factor in the cost of painting the vehicle after auto body work, to be sure you’re getting your car back on the road at its best.

On the low end, a vehicle paint job could cost upwards of $900, while a high end, show room quality paint job with various protective coatings could cost upwards of approximately $20,000.

The beauty of finding a qualified repair shop during an emergency is that you’ll be protected during non-emergencies. For instance, you can return to the shop to get assistance protecting your paint and body from pollen during the spring.

Tip #5: Only Do Business With Bonafide And Certified Shops

You should only leave your vehicle in the hands of an auto body shop that can back its claims with certifications.

Make sure that their license information is displayed prominently. Research the auto body shop to see their Better Business Bureau rank and find out if they have civil suits against them.

Shops that are accredited with organizations like the Auto Body Alliance hold themselves to higher standards.

Aside from professional certifications, you should pay attention to their reputation in the local area.

Customer service is everything during this process because it allows you to get your questions answered, and keeps you in the loop on every step of your auto body work.

Leaving your vehicle in the hands of a shop that operates by these standards lets you know that you’ll receive 5-Star work when you need it.

Tip #6: Make Sure To Ask About Auto Body Shop Warranties

Always get a warranty on your auto body work.

The warranty that you get for your vehicle will let you protect every last detail. This is crucial since you’re paying a great deal of money to get it fixed.

Lean toward an auto body shop that can sell you a warranty for the lifetime of the vehicle. This way, you’re covered against any defects and can get the parts switched out when necessary.

As you sit down with many different shops for consultations, ask them about the types of warranties they offer. Keep the paperwork for any auto body warranty that you buy, so that you’re able to exercise it when needed.

Use these six tips and contact a vehicle body shop that can serve you.

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John Harris Body Shop exterior sign

CAUTION: Fog Is On Its Way

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, isn’t it? The leaves start to change into rich, warm colors, and the air becomes cool and crisp – not to mention the two holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving!

However, there is one unfortunate thing we’re here to warn you about: fog.

driving in fog is dangerous

Fog is it’s heaviest in the mornings and/or evenings. With that said, when you’re on your way to and from work or wherever the day takes you, be sure to keep these tips in the forefront while behind the wheel during a foggy drive:

  • Make sure to minimize or cut out distractions – cut off the phone, turn down the stereo, etc.
  • Use your headlights and fog lights – NOT YOUR BRIGHT LIGHTS! Using your bright lights will reduce visibility even more.
  • Be sure to allow more distance between you and the surrounding vehicles.
  • In order to maintain your lane most effectively, try to use the white line on the right side of the lane as a guide. If there are reflectors, those will help just as much, if not more!
  • Reduce your speed a little. There’s no need to exceed the speed limit when your visibility is limited.
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John Harris Body Shop exterior sign

North Charleston Location is Making Progress

You may already know The Palmetto State is welcoming two new body shops in the Summerville and Charleston areas!

As we welcome the crisp cool air of fall in October, we’ll be welcoming the North Charleston location. For those of you whom reside in West Ashley, Mt. Pleasant, and Downtown Charleston, we would love for you to choose us as your destination auto body and repair shop!

Our Progress

Here are the most recent photos of the offices, paint rooms, etc. from construction, and we’ve certainly come a long way since day one. We’re so excited to open up this location, and we hope you are too!

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John Harris Body Shop exterior sign

Hey Charleston – Look for John Harris Body Shop this Fall!

Coming Soon to CharlestonTo the those in the Charleston area: Have we got news for you!!! We’re opening up a John Harris Body Shop in North Charleston, South Carolina this fall!

If you’re in the areas below, you’re in luck! You’ll have close access to our experts.

Serving the following areas:

Mount Pleasant
Downtown Charleston
West Ashley
North Charleston



We look forward to the opening of this new location! The construction has already begun; take a look at the pictures below. Stay tuned to our Facebook pages to keep up with the progress. October 1, 2017 is the expected opening date!

Take a look at these photos from our progress!

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John Harris Body Shop exterior sign

From Our Military Family to Yours

Wishing all of you a peaceful day of remembrance this Memorial Day!

Family & Veteran Owned Since 1975

May is a very important month for the Harris family. Not only is Memorial Day on May 29th, May is National Military Appreciation Month. We take pride in having been veteran (and family) owned since 1975! Our three generations of military service give us special appreciation for those who have served and those who have lost loved ones while serving our country. We were able to gather a couple of photos for you to see!

Pictured are John Harris III and his wife, Elinor. John served in The U.S. Army Infantry.
Here is John Harris Sr. He served in The U.S. Army Chemical Corps and Infantry during WWII.

Listen below to Heather’s testimonial, who happens to be the wife of a soldier. After her husband was deployed, her vehicle was broken into.

May 12th is National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and we would like to thank the spouses of those serving our country, and acknowledge the support and tremendous strength that you all have!

To the past, present, and future soldiers of this country: We honor your dedication, service, and strength.

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The easiest and most convenient way to pay for your portion of the repairs to your vehicle is to endorse your insurance claim check and submit it to the shop. Of course, cash and checks are always welcome. Credit cards may also be used. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. For more information, please see our Payment Policy.

If your deductible is not waived, it will be your responsibility to pay us when you pick up your vehicle. If you aren’t sure about your deductible, you can call your agent and he can tell you whether your insurance company has waived your deductible or whether it will be your responsibility.

Claim numbers are issued by your insurance company at the time you report your accident. Just jot it down and bring it in with you when you come in to begin the repair process, we will do the rest.

You will be notified by phone when your vehicle is ready to be picked up. You can also check this website. You will see a message next to the last picture of your vehicle telling you that your vehicle is ready to be picked up. Feel free to call or e-mail your advisor during the repair process if you have questions or concerns.

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