All repairs must be paid in full at the time of vehicle’s delivery.

John Harris Paint & Body Shop, Inc. offers a payment policy with several ways for you to pay for your vehicle’s repair. We will accept:

  • Insurance company checks, endorsed over to John Harris Paint & Body Shop, Inc. Any insurance checks you may receive are intended for the payment of your claim. Please do not cash these checks. Please leave these checks with our shop at the time of vehicle delivery endorsed over to John Harris Paint & Body Shop, Inc. Any issues with insurance company payments are more easily reconciled when we have the actual check. This helps eliminate the possibility of any additional delays or expenses that you may incur. Insurance checks received that contain a lien holder or other third party payee should be addressed prior to vehicle pickup.
  • Certified check from the bank payable to John Harris Paint & Body Shop, Inc.
  • One personal check with approval limited to $500.00 maximum. (Any additional amount due over $500.00 must be paid using a different payment option.) The check must be dated for the day of the delivery; no pre or post dated checks accepted. Two forms of identification must accompany the check. We do not accept second party personal checks or temporary checks.
  • Company checks (any check written from a business account) will not be accepted without prior written approval from Corporate Accounting or our General Manager.
  • Master Card
  • VISA
  • Discover
  • Money Order
  • Cash
  • John Harris Paint & Body Shop, Inc. “direction to pay” form signed by the customer when the vehicle is brought in for repairs.